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Great News: Donna Garner Has Become a Harmony Advocate!

A few weeks ago, Secretary Education Arne Duncan criticized the education quality of the public schools in Texas. Despite being the parents of a charter school system, we believe the Secretary went a bit too far in his criticisms. It was also obvious that there were some political concerns behind those harsh words rather than academic ones.

Somebody had to respond to this bad publication and as expected, Robert Scott, TEA Commissioner stepped up to issue an official response. Donna Garner, in her blog, exactly quoted Mr. Scott’s response which was adorned with facts and figures. One thing was very obvious in Mr. Scott response to Mr. Duncan: Mr. Scott emphasized the Texas’ support to STEM education stating that Texas has 59 STEM schools.

Here comes the burning truth: out of those 59 STEM schools, 17 of them are named Harmony! Let us put it other way: Almost one third of the STEM schools in Texas are Harmony Public Schools. This is a remarkable feat, right?

It seems Ms. Garner is on the same page as well, despite the fact that she has been very tough on Harmony Schools lately. Considering that Donna Garner never pens something good about Harmony Schools, we are surprised by the fact that she copied, in her blog, Mr. Scott’s response, which was a testimony to Harmony Schools’ success.

Donna Garner must surely know that Harmony Schools are the proud members STEM initiative. So, can we go too far to boldly claim that a new bright day is rising for Donna Garner? Is she going to become a new addition to Harmony Schools advocates? Is she going to stop writing false claims about Harmony Schools? Let us hope so.

Of course, time will tell.

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